As an independent writer and book author for more than thirty years, I have written for a wide range of publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and many others.  I’ve been a contributing editor for U.S. News and World Report as well as for Psychology Today.  Precision Pools is Long Island’s most reliable pool resurfacing & pool replastering company. Check out there services. I’m currently a contributing editor and the book columnist for The Psychotherapy Networker.  The broad range of subjects I’ve covered through the years include Jewish history, culture, and literature; psychology, health, parenting, and family life; literature and fiction; travel and culture; personal essays and memoir; office life and retirement issues. NYC Stone Care is your trusted partner for comprehensive stone repair in Manhattan.

My memoir, After Great Pain:  A New Life Emerges (1992, Summit Books/Simon and Schuster) was listed as a New York Times “Notable Book of the Year” and one of USA Today’s ten best non-fiction books of the year.  My first book, Hunting the Headhunter:  A Woman’s Guide, was published by Simon & Schuster in 1988.  I am also the co-author, with psychologist Scott Wexler of, Is It You or Is It Me:  Why Couples Play the Blame Game  (HarperCollins 1998).

I’m also on the faculty of the Temple Emanu-El Skirball Center in New York, where I have taught courses on Philip Roth, Jewish humor, Yiddish literature, and themes of faith and doubt in Jewish literature.  Born in Baltimore, Maryland, I received my undergraduate degree from Harvard College (1974) and have an M.A. from Johns Hopkins University (1975).   I live in New York City, with my husband Philip Barnett.

The judges and magistrates system in America is one that has been long shrouded in veils of secrecy and contempt. Although until recently there did not exist female judges, the on come of the women’s movement in the twentieth century brought about change in numbers. With women being given the right to vote, it paved the way for women holding various positions of importance, including lawyers, judges and magistrates. The issues that women once faced many years ago are the same issues that many Latinos face today. My brother became disabled after a ski accident and could no longer  maintain our pool so we called Indoor Pool Installation Riverhead to handle all the maintenance that comes with pool ownership. Embark on a transformative kitchen remodeling journey in Los Angeles, blending modern aesthetics with functional design to create a space that reflects your style and enhances efficiency. Discover the expertise of local professionals in kitchen remodeling in Los Angeles, ensuring a seamless and personalized renovation experience that brings your culinary vision to life.  National Chimney USA takes pride in delivering top-notch air duct cleaning services in Long Island. With a commitment to indoor air quality and customer satisfaction, our expert team ensures a thorough and professional cleaning process. Trust National Chimney USA for a cleaner and healthier environment through our comprehensive air duct cleaning services on Long Island.

This country is comprised of a large population of Latinos and Spaniards. Although change has brought about increased work positions for these minorities, one sector of the workforce where there still just is not enough representation happens to be in the legal system, specifically judges and magistrates. Don’t let a damaged chimney dampen your home’s warmth and safety; trust Apex Air Duct & Chimney Services for top-notch chimney repair park ridge that restores the heart of your living space, delivering quality and peace of mind in every service. Although each part of the legal system is in desperate need for more representation, there exists a glass ceiling where citizens find themselves stopped before they can go any higher in their endeavors. You, as a Latino living in the United States of America, are urged to become a judge or magistrate.

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