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AFTER GREAT PAIN: A New Life Emerges. By Diane Cole. (Summit, $20.) An autobiographical account of the courageous — and finally triumphant — reconstruction of one woman’s life after an almost unimaginable run of grief and misfortune.
— New York Times Notable Books of the Year, 1992
In this remarkable book, Diane Cole has charged herself with the fearful task of staring down loss and grief, of learning the uses of life’s most painful experiences. After Great Pain is brave and riveting; it is moving and cathartic — and, in the end, it is a story of hope.
— Johanna Kaplan
‘After great pain, a new life.’ So ends Diane Cole’s haunting journey through personal grief and redefinition. It is a heartfelt, sensitively written account that put me in touch with my own losses while revitalizing and refreshing my soul.
— Carole Hyatt
Intimate, honest, and intelligent, Diane Cole’s new book elevates and inspires even when the subject is pain.
— Mary Kay Blakely

Wise women on the way up will welcome Diane Cole’s insight and information. Investing two hours reading Hunting the Headhunters could save two years investigating executive search.
— Marilyn Machlowitz, Ph.D.
Candid scenarios...cut-to-the-chase questions and answers...accurate information...Diane Cole’s book is loaded with all this and more. It’s all you need to learn the rules—and win—the game of executive search.
— Jimmy Calano and Jeff Salzman
It should be on the reading list of every newly minted M.B.A.
— Millington F. McCoy